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Now operating as a single unit, the North Mimms Consolidated Charities is an amalgam of eleven separate charities brought together in 1922 to create a single form and timing of benefit distribution. All were for the relief of poverty, the earliest of these charities going back more than 500 years.

The Charities are still operational, making small grants of either one off or annual payments. The recipients must be resident in either North Mymms or Little Heath (before Little Heath parish was created in the mid 19th century, the land was part of the ancient parish of North Mymms), and generally are elderly and living in social housing.

The Charities are a registered charity (number 233263) and are run by eight trustees, by whom all applications are decided. The clerk to trustees is Mr John Potter, who may be contacted via the North Mymms Parish Council office. All applications are in total confidence and are not publicly revealed.



In 1922 the late Maj. General Sir George Burns' father, Walter Burns gifted to the Parish two plots of land on which stood the Recreation Hall (now part of the North Mymms Social Club) and the old Scout Hut in Dixons Hill. In 1960 with these assets The North Mymms Recreational Halls Trust was formed. In 1990 the land at Dixons Hill was sold and in 1992 the Trust was re-named the North Mymms Recreation and Charitable Trust. The capital realised enabled the Trustees to use the interest to help organisations and individuals within the Parish. The subsequent sale of the Social Club land to the Social Club increased the fund capital and thus the funds available for distribution.

Since 1992, using the interest received from the capital fund, the Trustees have been able to contribute toward repairs and refurbishment to the North Mymms Youth & Community Centre, the North Mymms Memorial Hall, the Guide Hut and the Scout Hut. Christ Church, Little Heath and St. Mary's Church, North Mymms have benefited by way of donations toward equipment and repairs. St. Mary's School, Welham Green has been a regular beneficiary for various projects, Willowbrook Nursery has been helped with the provision of tricycles and a climbing frame and the North Mymms Youth Project has received assistance. A contribution to North Mymms Cricket Club was made towards the training of coaches for the Colts members and some cricket equipment and clothing.

Individual Scouts have benefited from donations toward their attendance at Scout World Jamborees and the Trust has further been able to support individuals from the Parish, some of them School Leavers during their "gap year", to go on projects both in this country and overseas.

Applications for a grant should in the first instance be addressed to Mr Chris Measures (Chairman of Trustees) c/o the North Mymms Parish Clerk, in advance of annual meeting that is held early June each year.