North Mymms Parish Council - Bench Dedication

Sponsoring a bench is a special way to commemorate the life of a loved one, celebrate the birth of a child or a special anniversary/event.

The style of bench used by North Mymms Parish Council in their open spaces is shown below.  It is made from Iroko wood which is tough, dense and very durable and similar to teak. The bench is 1800mm long and 650mm deep.


Bench sponsorship costs £200 per bench for a period of 10 years from the day the bench is placed in one of our open spaces. The plaque and inscription costs are also payable.

Shared sponsorship is also available (5 per bench) at a cost of £50 per bench for a period of 10 years. The plaque and inscription costs are also payable.

Repairs Policy

The estimated lifespan of a bench is 10 years but as benches are kept outside this timescale cannot be guaranteed. If after 10 years the commemorative bench is deemed to be in a good state of repair it may remain in the open space at the discretion of North Mymms Parish Council until it becomes beyond repair when it will be removed.

The condition of benches will be regularly monitored by North Mymms Parish Council staff and if necessary, repair/maintenance work will be carried out as required.

If a commemorative bench is deemed “beyond repair” by North Mymms Parish Council it will be removed from the open space even if the bench is within the estimated 10-year life span. A replacement bench may be offered at the discretion of North Mymms Parish Council.


We will try and meet sponsor’s preferred areas for placement of benches, but this will be subject to availability as some areas of the open spaces may be more popular than others. We may therefore have to pursue sponsor’s second or third choices.

Once installed in an open space we would not intend to move it. However, if it did need to be moved/removed we would advise in advance.


Plaques will display a maximum of 3 lines of engraved lettering, consisting of no more than 25 characters per line including spacing and punctuation.

All wording to be approved by North Mymms Parish Council prior to being placed on a bench. If wording is considered inappropriate North Mymms Parish Council will contact you to discuss further.

Download an application form here

Please send the form to


North Mymms Parish Council

1A Bushwood Close

Welham Green


or by Email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.