What we spend

North Mymms Parish Council maintain tight control over expenditure. Our annual budget for this financial year (2018-19) is £218,247.

None of our Councillors claim expenses for attendance at Council meetings or other ancillary events. This has been customary for many years.

North Mymms Parish Council aim to maintain the existing level and range of services to the local community.


Grants 2018-9

We are pleased to announce that we have managed to provide various grants totalling £5,050 to a range of local groups and organisations as follows:



Grant Amount

Isobel Hospice


Little Heath Parish Hall


North Mymms District Royal British Legion


North Mymms Memorial Hall


North Mymms Scout Group


North Mymms Youth and Community Centre


North Mymms Youth Project


Rotary Club of Brookmans Park


Essex and Herts Air Ambulance


St Marys Parochial Church Council


Welwyn Hatfield Citizens Advice Bureau