• May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

    May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

  • May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

    May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

  • May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

    May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

  • May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

    May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

  • May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

    May Day Celebration Brookmans Park

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  • 1 Casual Vacancy for a Parish Councillor
  • 2 North Mymms - A Brief History
  • 3 North Mymms Parish Council
  • 4 North Mymms logo - What does it stand for?
  • 5 Local Plan Consultation
  • 6 Christmas Tree Lighting
  • 7 Welham Green Community Book Swap
  • 8 World Book Day
  • 9 Parish Council Awards
  • 10 Snowdrop Sunday
  • 11 Parish Charities
  • 12 Allotments
  • 13 Best Kept Garden
  • 14 Civic Service
  • 15 Flooding - Knolles Crescent
  • 16 Stop Rogue Traders
  • Casual Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

    A vacancy has arisen on the above-named Parish Council caused by the resignation of Councillor Aaron Jacob.
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  • North Mymms - A Brief History

    North Mymms is a civil parish in the English county of Hertfordshire with a total of 45 listed buildings or monuments in the Parish.For a more extensive history please look on the Brookmans.com web site. Or if you have a detailed request please email Mike Allen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The Parish was created by an enclosure act of 1778 whereby North Mymms Park and the Brookmans and Gobians estates enclosed large areas of land creating the parish we have today, perhaps explaining some of the unusual parish boundaries.

    The civil parish includes: St. Mary’s Church North Mymms: The 13th C Grade II* listed parish church of St Mary's stands in the park of North Mymms; in addition to the church there are 5 listed buildings or monuments in or nearby. It is the burial place of the Coningsby’s who built North Mymms house also there is a monument to Robert Knolles of North Mymms Place, dated 1458, and a large monument to Lord Somers, Baron Evesham, and Lord Chancellor in the time of William III,North Mymms Place: The Jacobean house of 1599 belonged to the Coningsby family. During the ownership of Thomas Coningsby, a Royalist leader in Hertfordshire, the house was plundered by the Parliamentarians. The house has over the years had many owners and is famous for its collection of tapestries, panelling and fittings. An early 17th-century painted frieze of the "Nine Worthies" was rediscovered in the 20th century.

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  • North Mymms Parish Council

    Civic Parish Councils, which were set up in 1894 by an Act of Parliament introduced by the then Prime Minister, William Ewart Gladstone are regarded as being the “grass roots’ of democracy and local government. The first Parish Meeting in North Mymms was held on 4th December 1894 and the first actual Parish Council Meeting was on 2nd January 1895 under the provisional chairmanship of Samuel Gurney Sheppard Esquire. At the next meeting, on 26th February 1895, Archibald Thompson Esquire JP of Mimmwood took over the chairmanship. He continued as Chairman until 1907 when Admiral Sir J Fellowes KCB of Roestock Manor took over until 1913. Chairmen are now retired automatically on a yearly basis. The first ‘lady’ Chairman was Councillor Mrs Pat Storey in 1979-80. North Mymms parish is one of the largest in Hertfordshire, its main source of income is a precept which is part of your Council Tax. Other income is derived from hiring out the bowling green, football field etc. Parish councils have legal powers as defined in various Acts, but they have fewer duties than district councils and greater freedom to choose what actions to take. They represent the interests of the local communities and seek to improve the quality of life and local environment, influencing decisions and delivering services to meet local needs. North Mymms covers 1892.77 hectares and in the 2011 census the number of ‘usual residents’ was 8921. North Mymms parish includes Brookmans Park, Welham Green, Bell Bar, Water End, Bullens Green, Marshmoor, North Mymms Park and Church and part of Little Heath. The full council usually meets at 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of each month except August and December. All meetings are open to the public. At least one councillor represents NMPC on various committees such as the North Mymms Memorial Hall committee. NMPC employs a part-time Clerk, a part-time Bookkeeper, and three Groundsmen. The Groundsmen tend the three recreation grounds at Hawkshead Road Little Heath, Gobions Open Space and Dellsome Lane, Welham Green. The latter includes a bowling green, football pitch and the Burns Pavilion, and all three contain children’s play areas and the village green at Brookmans Park. The council owns these areas of land together with some allotments, two bungalows (for staff accommodation) and the council office, all at Welham Green. The council also tends around the War Memorial, the Brookmans Park and Welham Green greens.
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  • North Mymms logo - What does it stand for?

    North Mymms Crest

    The Parish Council uses the logo shown above. The design represents local features.

    The top left hand quarter is the balloon of Vincenzo Lunardi who flew from the Artillery Grounds, Moorfields, London to Colliers End on 16 Sept. 1784. During this flight his balloon landed at what is known as Balloon Corner, being at the junction of Dellsome Lane and Parsonage Lane, Welham Green. His cat had become air-sick and was left with a local woman while he continued his flight. For more detail visit www.brookmans.com and search against Lunardi.

    The top right hand quarter is a stag or hart representing Hertfordshire.

    The bottom left hand quarter is Folly Arch, Hawkshead Road, Little Heath. It was built in 1740 to a design attributed to James Gibbs as a feature of the Gobions Estate. Click here for a picture of Folly Arch. For more detail visit www.brookmans.com and search against Folly Arch.

    The bottom right hand quarter is the parish church of St Mary’s at North Mymms Park. The original church had a spire but this was removed in the 1900s. Click here for a picture taken about 1905 of the church showing the spire.

    In the bottom section, the green triangle represents the Triangulation Point used by surveyors for accurate positioning.

    The trees represent Gobions Wood, Brookmans Park. The wavy lines represent water. This could be a reference to the Three Valleys Water Co which has a pumping station on Warrengate Road, North Mymms, or maybe the lake at Gobions?.

  • Local Plan Consultation

    The Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan will be the blueprint for future growth in the borough.

    The Local Plan will shape the future of development in our towns and villages between now and 2032 - new homes, new jobs and business premises, open spaces and community facilities for people to use and infrastructure such as roads, schools and healthcare. It is about supporting the growth of Welwyn Hatfield and a vibrant local economy.Local plan in detail

    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR NORTH MYMMS? The following are the recommended sites:


    WeG4b Marshmoor – 80 dwellings and 40,500m2 of employment land

    GTLAA01 Foxes Lane - 12 pitches

    Hat11 Land at Southway (next to New Barnfield) – 120 dwellings


    BrP4 Land west of Brookmans Park - 250 dwellings

    BrP13 West of Golf Club Road - 14 dwellings

    BRP14 East of Golf Club Road – 10 dwellings


    BrP7 Hawkshead Road (on a reduced site area) - 100 dwellings

    The Royal Veterinary College proposal for this site is

    LHe1 Land north of Hawkshead Road – 35 dwellings

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  • Christmas Tree Lighting

    On 3rd December 2016, we were pleased to support the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Brookmans Park which was hosted by the Brookmans Park Rotarians.
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  • Welham Green Community Book Swap

    Community event

    The Parish Council is pleased to support the Welham Green Community Book Swap which is held on the first Saturday of each month and every Wednesday from 9:30-12:30pm at the North Mymms memorial hall. Bring a book, swap book, partake in some refreshments or just relax and enjoy the company! In addition they offer a chidren’s story time every 4th Wednesday.

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  • World Book Day

    On 2nd March 2017 we were very pleased to welcome staff and pupils from St Mary’s Primary School as they celebrated World Book Day
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  • Parish Council Awards

    Community Grants

    At our January 2016 meeting, we awarded grants to the following local organistaions and charities.

    North Mymms Royal British Legion (£50)

    St Mary’s Church (£1100)

    Community Bookswap Scheme (£300)

    Welham Green Residents Association (£200)

    North Mymms Youth Project (£600)

    Rotary Club of Brookmans Park (£350)

    North Mymms Youth and Community Centre (£800)

    Herts Air Ambulance (£250)

    North Mymms Scout Group (£340)

    Isobel Hospice (£500)

    Little Heath Parish Hall (£300)

    Hatfield Town Football Club (£100).

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  • Snowdrop Sunday

    St Marys Church, North Mymms hosted Snowdrop Sunday on February 26th 2017 when residents were invited to a short guitar recital followed by tea and cakes and the opportunity to view the beautiful snowdrops in the grounds.
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  • Parish Charities

    Charitable donations

    The Parish Charity was set up hundreds of years ago to assist those in poverty and gave food originally – a gift of bread was given to widows. This is now updated and it gives money instead to widows or widowers who qualify. The work of the Parish Charity therefore continues.

    It seeks to help people who are in some financial difficulty. This is on the basis of regular donations and additionally small Easter gifts. Widows and widowers in need of assistance should be put forward to the Trustees. The Charity is actively seeking people to give support to, or indeed, any person who knows of Widows and Widowers who are in need and living in the parish.

    This is of course in total confidence and recipients are not publically revealed. Please contact the Clerk, Mr John Potter, via the council office for further information..

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  • Allotments

    North Mymms Parish Council owns the allotments on Station Road and is happy to hire them out (full or half plots) to local residents in return for a small fee. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to hire or no longer wish the use of one. Every year an award is made to the holder of the best allotment
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  • Best Kept Garden

    Best kept Garden Each year the Parish Council makes awards to the owners of the best kept front gardens. All gardens in the Parish are automatically entered. Judging takes place in July and the award is made at the end of October.
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  • Civic Service

    The Parish Council holds a Civic Service each year, usually in February.Local dignitaries, including the Mayors of Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield and the Lord Lieutenant of the County are invited, together with representatives of groups within the parish and Borough who support the community and our young people. This is a way of thanking them all for their hard work and dedication. It is also open to members of the parish.
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  • Flooding - Knolles Crescent

    Knolles Crescent and Gould Close Flooding Residents of Knolles Crescent attended the Council Meeeting on the 28th September Councillor Boulton and Councillor Mrs Boulton had looked at the reported affected area but this was when it was dry and the cause could not be identified from this visit.Mr Biagio Pirfo, a resident of Gould Close, had recordings of the recent flooding in June 2016 on his mobile phone which the meeting were able to view on the projector screen. Residents stated that since a ditch had been filled in flooding had become an issue in the area. Councillor Boulton suggested that digging a burn on the edge of the sports field might help alleviate the problem but that the drainage needs urgent investigation before a decision can be made. Commissioning a specialist drainage company to use CCTV may be an option for future discussion. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Hertfordshire County Council and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council drainage departments to request urgent action to be taken and the Clerk to inform residents of progress. Copies of the videos to be sent to NMPC
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  • Stop Rogue Traders

    Hertfordshire County Council warns residents to be vigilant against rogue traders On average, almost 250 reports of rogue trading are made each year in Hertfordshire, but it is estimated that only between five and 20 per cent of these crimes are reported – that’s why Hertfordshire County Council’s Trading Standards team is advising residents to follow a few top tips: Say no to doorstep callers. Do not buy goods or services at the door. If you are considering having work done, always shop around first and get at least three quotes. You can search for a Hertfordshire Trading Standards Approved Trader on the Which? Trusted Traders website or by calling Trading Standards. Honest businesses agree pricing beforehand, including VAT. There’s no evidence without a written contract. Avoid paying cash in hand. It’s better to pay by bank transfer or cheque, as these can be traced. If you think you or a vulnerable relative or neighbour has become the victim of a rogue trader, report it straight away. David Russell, 67, from Ware, contacted a local trader when he had a problem with a drain in his back garden. “From the beginning, the trader didn’t seem the least bit friendly. After about an hour he came and he said, ‘Well, this is going to cost more than we thought […] because I need more equipment.’ He was there for about five hours altogether, and as time went on seemed to get unhappier.” The trader quoted him £200, but David was charged almost £1,500 – for a job that wasn’t done to a satisfactory standard. “I did write a cheque and when I thought about it the next day or so, I thought, well this is really a bit too much, I should take advice on this. I was speaking to friends, and one of them recommended that I go to Trading Standards. I phoned them up and spoke to them and they said, ‘Well, the first thing to do is to cancel the cheque.’.” David was lucky as he contacted Trading Standards quickly and was able to cancel his cheque before it was cashed. As the trader had failed to give cancellation rights or indicate VAT-inclusive prices, Trading Standards brought him to court, where he pleaded guilty and was fined a total of £2,400 for David’s case and two others. The company he worked for was also fined a total of £5,600.
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Community Crocus Planting

Community Crocus Planting 2016

The crocuses planted by pupils and teachers from Brookmans Park Primary School and organised by Brookmans Park Rotary Club in October 2016 are now flowering in Gobions Open Space and on Bradmore Green.

The planting is designed to raise awareness of End Polio Now.  http://www.endpolio.org/

             Bradmore Green                                                                                               Gobions

Bradmore Green




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